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Please take note: Our Escondido and San Marcos pickup locations have changed. See below for the new address. If you need directions, please send us an email.

Join Our Green Beef CSA

We are dedicated to helping our community learn about
the importance of eating green. We believe that adding
grassfed & grass finished Green Beef to your diet
is one of the best and tastiest ways of doing so!
Read more below to find out the specifics of joining our CSA.

Now offering a PORK CSA!

We have been raising pastured pork on our farm and it is now ready to be added to our San Diego CSA program. It is open for new members now. The membership is similar to our Green Beef Membership. It is a three month membership, with one pickup per month. You will receive a total of 15 lbs of pork, so approximately 5 lbs per month. The REGULAR cost is $125 for the 3 month pasturted pork membership. You will receive a combination of bacon, ham, sausage, ground pork, pork steaks, and pork chops. We provide the same high level of care for our hogs as we do for our cattle and sheep.

We currently have a waiting list for our Green Beef CSA: simply fill out our new member form and we will put you on the list. If you request us to add you to the waiting list you do not need to pay at this time. We will send you payment information when memberships open up.

If you would like to get Green Beef right away, you can order our ground beef: 5 lbs ground beef for $40. Available for pickup at our regular CSA pickup times. Sign up here!

Green Beef CSA Details

Membership Information:

How it works is you sign up for a three month membership, which consists of 8 lbs per month for three months. That means you will get a total of 24 lbs of Green Beef over three months, and the cost is $239. Payment is made in full before your first pickup. Each monthly share will contain 4 lbs of ground beef, and approximately 4 lbs of other cuts such as steaks, roasts, stew meat, etc. You will not get 4 lbs of one kind of steak in one bag. You will get a few pounds of steaks and a few pounds of roasts or other cuts. We do our best to divide the meat evenly, and vary the cuts you get every month. If you get flank or minute steaks one month, you should get a higher end steak the next month. If you want all of your steaks at once, you might consider getting all three shares at one time instead of getting one share per month.

How do I become a member of Green Beef CSA?

Join our CSA You can sign up using our New Member Form by clicking the link just to the right. The form lists available pickup options and times.

A note to our existing members:

If you would like to renew your membership for the next quarter simply send us an e-mail letting us know. If you would like to pay by credit card you may do so online at that time. We have PayPal and Google Checkout available to our members to pay online by credit card. See the links below.

Thank you for your continued support of Green Beef and 7 Springs Farm.

Payment Information:

We accept payment through PayPal on our website below, or by credit card or cash at your first pickup.

Remember, we currently have a waiting list and so cannot take new members right away. Please do not pay for your membership until you have submitted your membership form and we have e-mailed you back letting you know you are now a member.

Choose your Package

Pickup Options:

Regular Memberships run for three months, with pickup once per month. You have the option to pick up all of your shares at one time if you have adequate freezer space. You also can choose to sign up for more than one share of Green Beef if you have a large family or just love eating our beef! If your family does not eat a lot of beef and are worried that 8 lbs per month might be too much for you, you can sign up for a three month membership and e-mail us requesting to pick up your share every other month.

Pickup Locations:

1519 Industrial Avenue, Suite D, Escondido 92029
First Sunday of every month from 11am - 1pm.
First Tuesday Morning of every month from 9am - 11am.
Third Thursday Evening of every month from 4pm - 6pm.

San Diego Pickup:
Golden Hill Farmers Market on B Street between 27th and 28th Street.
(Use 2740 B Street, San Diego, CA 92102 for mapping purposes.)
First Saturday of every month from 9:30am to 1:00pm

Escondido Pickup HAS CHANGED:
We will no longerbe at the North County Certified Farmers Market
Our Escondido and San Marcos pickups will be moving to the new pickup location in Escondido listed above.

San Marcos Pickup HAS CHANGED:
We will no longerbe at the previous San Marcos pickup location.
Our Escondido and San Marcos pickups will be moving to the new pickup location in Escondido listed above.

Feel free to contact us if you have any further questions.

Our New Website is Up!

We have been diligently working on a new website for all three of our meats: beef, lamb, and pork. It has a much easier checkout process and you will be able to view your account and any orders you make through the website. We are very excited to be able to offer this improvement to our customers! We will slowly transition over to our Pasture Fresh Meats website. For now, you can make purchases through either the website you are on right now or PastureFreshMeats.com

New laws were just passed that require all meat for sale to list nutrition facts at the point of sale. Here are the links to the nutrition facts for beef and lamb.

Beef Nutrition Facts
Lamb Nutrition Facts

Please note that these are generic nutrition facts given to us by the USDA, and that these values were derived from meat where the animals were probably finished on corn. We are in the process of having our beef and lamb analyzed so we can provide you with the accurate nutritional facts for our 100% grassfed and grass finished meat.

Please excuse us as our website is under construction. Not all of the links are working at this time.

Please excuse us while our website is under construction. Not all of the links below are active at this time.


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